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Bingo is an internationally acclaimed game both offline and online. It is highly popular due its simplicity and due to the fact that it does not require any methodological strategies to be followed to play and win Bingo. Any one can try their luck with Bingo.

The basic concept of Bingo

Bingo is basically a number game that is played on a 5x5 matrix card with random numbers printed on it and the center position is marked free. Usually the numbers on the Bingo cards are printed from B1 – O75. And the numbers would be printed only once in any of the cards from the whole set of cards.

There are 15 numbers that are of the word BINGO.
B will have numbers B1 – B15
I will have numbers I16 - I30
N will have numbers N31 – N 45
G will have numbers G46 – G60
O will have numbers O61- O75

This numbering pattern will be slightly different in the regions of UK whereas the cards are printed with 90 numbers instead of 75.The online bingo sites actually provide a number of bonuses and promotional offers to attract customers. This in turn proves to be huge benefit for online bingo players.

Types of Online Bingo

There are four variations of Bingo that are played in various regions. They include

75-Ball Version

This version is played on the normal 5x5 matrix card, where 15 numbers are assigned to each letter of bet 365 bingo . This type is usually very popularly played in the region of North America.

90-Ball Version

This is played on a 9x3 matrix card with 9 columns and 3 rows. The card has 15 numbers and the rest of the boxes are left free. The first column has the numbers 1-9, the second one 10-19, 3rd one 20-29 and it goes so on with the last column having 80-90. This is played popularly in the region of UK.

80-Ball Version

This is played on a 4x4 matrix that has16 numbers on the card. Winning in this type of Bingo requires that the card holder requires a horizontal, diagonal or vertical lines or have to shade a particular preset pattern. This version cannot be found on the Internet always but can be found on Bingo network sites.

Quickie (Speed Bingo)

This version of bingo is also called as mini-bingo widely. It is played with 30 numbered balls. It is played on a 3x3 matrix that has 9 numbers in total. This has actually become the favorite of many due to its speedy finish.


The player also has an option to choose from bingo chat rooms and chat games that are usually offered by sites to help players socialize with their peer players.
Online Bingo has become the perfect platform to create new peers and friends from across the world.
With mobile gambling on the rise, it has given rise to mobile bingo as well. But the features of online bingo are definitely better than that of mobile bingo.
Facebook Bingo is also gaining momentum recently with a lot of gaming options such as BamBam Bingo, Bingo Blitz, Bingo Islands and the like. It also allows options for players to share virtual features with their Facebook friends.

Important Features/Advantages of Online Bingo

With online Bingo, one has the option to either play free online games or he can also register in a site suitable to his preferences. He also has the choice of either downloading the game or playing it directly online.
The auto-daub feature is indeed a boon to online bingo players. This feature actually marks the numbers that are called out and this assures you that you never miss out on any number that is been called out. You also get to receive additional features like best card sorting and best card highlighting features.
The player gets an option of playing for very less money when compared to offline bingo gaming. He can pay for as less as a penny.
With online bingo, one can choose from a variety of themed rooms that are graphically designed. One can choose a room according to his choice. And each time he can try experimenting with different rooms and designs.